You know what I dig? Women who help women and my friend Kara does just that. My trip home was spent mostly with family, but I couldn't let the weekend pass without seeing her. It was a move to Nashville, and countless other life "things" that put almost 1 year in- between the last time we'd seen each other so we met on our favorite street, Wealthy Street. In college we'd frequent the neon-lit bar that hosted $3 Long Island Tuesdays, and just on the adjacent corner, the market where we'd scrape quarters from the bottom of our backpacks to find a snack suitable for 2AM. 

We get each other. We get that some nights just need dancing our asses off, or that sharing our lip stick with new friends at a bar is the best way to start a good conversation, most importantly, a giant basket of fries + vegan hotdogs is always the best way to end a night well spent even if it means hating ourselves the next morning. 

It excites me knowing that no matter where our adventures lead us we'll always share the same home