Last weekend I made the trek from Colorado to Florida to surprise my family. I'm not entirely sure I'd consider myself a water person. I've always been drawn to mountains, forests, and a different kind of terrain, but there is something magical about a body of water that stretches as far as the eye can see. We found so many gems in the city of St. Augustine & the history buff in me couldn't get over how we were in the oldest city in the U.S. We embraced the tropical storms that rolled through every afternoon, and basked in foreign humid air. The next couple of months are consumed by plane rides, new cities, countries, people, and lots of unknowns. I'll drink to that! 


Saturday morning came around. We didn't have plans and we didn't want any either. Grabbing Oti, we decided to drive south until we wanted to stop. The weather changed back and forth from bright sunny skies to dark rainy mists every 10 minutes. We let I-25 take us to Trinidad, CO, where we grabbed beer at the only brewery in town, ate dinner at Rino's, the Italian restaurant where waiters sing love songs during your meal (?), and then drove to chase the sun melt into the Rockies. Accidental fun in the places you'd least expect it.


You know what I dig? Women who help women and my friend Kara does just that. My trip home was spent mostly with family, but I couldn't let the weekend pass without seeing her. It was a move to Nashville, and countless other life "things" that put almost 1 year in- between the last time we'd seen each other so we met on our favorite street, Wealthy Street. In college we'd frequent the neon-lit bar that hosted $3 Long Island Tuesdays, and just on the adjacent corner, the market where we'd scrape quarters from the bottom of our backpacks to find a snack suitable for 2AM. 

We get each other. We get that some nights just need dancing our asses off, or that sharing our lip stick with new friends at a bar is the best way to start a good conversation, most importantly, a giant basket of fries + vegan hotdogs is always the best way to end a night well spent even if it means hating ourselves the next morning. 

It excites me knowing that no matter where our adventures lead us we'll always share the same home